Stardom wrestling schedule

As far as I know, this is not the beginning of a regular Stardom column on With Spandex, just an article about a unique and very accessible wrestling show. The coronavirus outbreak has led to the cancellation of many wrestling shows in Japan, especially in the first two weeks of March, a time period in which the Prime Minister called for the cancellation of public events. New Japan Pro Wrestling scrapped shows and streamed some talk show-style programs with wrestlers. Other companies combined creativity, public-health-consciousness, and still having wrestling matches in their responses to the situation and held no-audience shows.

This was a smart way for Stardom to keep the goodwill of existing fans and potentially attract some new fans. For those who have been watching this promotion on Stardom Worldit was also just about the weirdest possible way to finally get to see a live broadcast of a Stardom show. You can watch the event in its entirety here:. Liger came off like a genuine fan and helped warm up the odd atmosphere of an empty Korakuen Hall.

No People Gate kicked off with a low-key, mostly comedic opener. However, I appreciate that it took the audience straight to the deep end of the pool of the potential weirdness that is an empty arena show. Welcome to No People Gate!

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Super Strong Saya Machine calling out Natsuko Tora was initially a confusing moment, but their ensuing singles match worked well for both of them. This was a really promising match, especially because the champ, Hoshiki, has been on a hot streak lately, and an increasingly murderous one. Without Hoshiki vs. So if you watched No People Gate out of curiosity and want to see a more normal present-day Stardom one v.

Tam Nakano from last year, Hana Kimura vs. Giulia, Mayu Iwatani vs. Takumi Iroha, or a Momo Watanabe vs. Jungle Kyona match. Donna del Mundo Giulia and Maika and it was both a cool match on its own and one that introduced a promising next step in the TCS vs. DDM feud. But though Kimura looks like a star in this match and everyone plays a substantial role, Kyona comes out of it with the biggest standout performance after she gets the win over Maika with her always awesome Kinniku Buster.

The post-match segment sets up that Kyona vs. Kimura and Giulia still feel like natural arch-enemies, and if the angle continues long enough to include Konami and Kyona having matches Maika and Syuri as well as Giulia, it could provide some of the most exciting stuff in Stardom this year.

Her look and persona are so off-putting to me that I usually just skip them. There are a few reasons I just reject this wrestler even though I acknowledge she is increasingly good at doing wrestling moves.

The match was fine! The gimmick ends up supporting the match in the ideal way the gimmick part of all gimmick matches should, by heightening the drama, changing things up, and enhancing an otherwise quality match rather than attempting to cover for a weak one. Part of why the lumberjack part of this match works so well is the way it fits the personalities of these factions.

stardom wrestling schedule

And while Oedo Tai would obviously be great at empty arena brawling, Stars, the most standup babyface faction, would kind of suck at it, and they do here, despite trying their best and making a few in-ring saves. Mayu vs. Meanwhile, the straightforward, one-on-one wrestling in this match ties everything together. Her persona, as well as her wrestling skill, fits her Ace position.

For those who were already Stardom fans, the show was an entertaining one-off event that set up promising angles for the future and will fuel requests for more live broadcasts, and among curious people just checking out the show, I think it could easily make some new fans.Stardom will hold its annual Cinderella one-day tournament on March 24 at Korakuen Hall. Entry will be staggered so fans are not crowding the entrances. To that end doors open at 2 pm and the start time is at pm. Fans are also encouraged to take the stairs and use the elevators as little as possible.

For those unfamiliar with the Cinderella tournament, it is one of two annual tournaments the company puts on, the other being the 5-Star Gran Prix their version of the G1 Climax essentially. It is a one-day, single-elimination tournament. The first round of Cinderella will be broadcast for free on YouTube. The entire show will be available on Stardom World by Midnight the same day. The entire show with pre-match promos of the first round with English subtitles will be provided later in the week.

Momo Watanabe was the winner. Starlight Kid is still in her teens and is already a 4-year veteran in the company. One of the brightest prospects for Stardom, she is a high-speed aerial artist with a ton of babyface charisma. A power-based wrestler who tends to dominate her opponents with her strength.

Currently a key member of the Tokyo Cyber Squad.

Stardom Cinderella Tournament 2019 - Full Tournament Highlights

She spent most of in an excellent championship tag team with Konami. Giulia was a roster member of rival promotion, Ice Ribbon before jumping ship to Stardom in controversial fashion. She was immediately pushed to the upper portion of the promotion with an initial feud with Hana Kimura.

Overall a solid wrestler with nothing, in particular, standing out but she has a charisma that fans have latched onto. An excellent striker and submission wrestler she is someone I see being a top-level singles champion in Stardom. Paired as a rival with Starlight Kid she exhibits a bratty heelish character that is incredibly popular with the fans.

Like Starlight, AZM uses a high-paced aerial offense. Jamie Hayter is a UK-based wrestler who made her debut in A very good well-rounded wrestler with loads of heel charisma she is someone Stardom is obviously very high on. Tam Nakano uses a Kung fu based offense with lots of kicks mixed with high-risk top rope moves. She showed great improvement in her feud of sorts with Arisa Hoshiki and has had excellent matches with various opponents including Kagetsu.

A decent performer with not much standing out about her. A decent power-based brawler who is getting a big push as of late. Saya Kamitani is a first-year rookie and is being given a big push right out of the gate.

While still green she shows great promise with her high-flying style and has an impressive standing Shooting Star Press. Utami Hayashita continues her meteoric rise through Stardom with less than 2 years under her belt since debuting.

A prodigy in wrestling, Utami already wrestles like a seasoned veteran. Deceptively strong she possesses a formidable striking and high impact arsenal of moves. A member of Donna del Mundo she is the least experienced member with just a little less than a year under her belt. Mayu Iwatani is the current World of Stardom Champion and the biggest star in the company. One of the best wrestlers in the world right now mixing strikes, brawling and a daredevil aerial move set.

Hana Kimura is arguably the second biggest star in the company and a crossover celebrity with her recent run on Terrace House. A very diverse wrestler who leans towards being a brawler.This is a wrestling TV guide sharing up-to-date as of September schedules for over 30 wrestling promotions from around the world.

Keep checking back if you require the latest details, as I vow to keep it updated for the foreseeable future. If you find any errors or feel like something should be added?

Alternatively, you can find my email here. Some shows who have upcoming TV deals with unannounced schedules have been included, but I will update them further when the information is made public. Thank you. Going head-to-head with the new wrestling show AEW Dynamite every Wednesday night, fans will get to enjoy the first TV war between two rival promotions since WCW closed its doors in Later, Pete Dunne became the champion and held it for almost two years before losing to the current champion Walter.

Synopsis: Live was created to feature a thriving NXT Cruiserweight division every week on one show. As of this writing, the General Manager is Drake Maverick. The promotion is young and hungry to write its name in to the history books. Since moving its base to Canada, the past few years has shown encouraging signs. Synopsis: With a code of honor, wrestlers are expected to show respect before and after matches. This code extends to no interference, no attacking referees, or anything which would be seen as dishonorable.

Synopsis: New Japan is the biggest promotion in Japan, and arguably the second biggest in the world. In the past five years, it has expanded its viewing audience to America and other English speaking countries. Working with Ring of Honor, they have used the platform to showcase its wrestlers to a broader audience.

In Mexico it can be seen on Azteca TV. For the rest of the world, signing up to Twitch allows you to see all their latest shows. Weekly episodes are uploaded to YouTube weeks later after taping every Saturday.

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This year, while their biggest event Triplemania was dubbed a considerable success several AEW stars featuredtheir following event Lucha Invades NY suffered from poor ticket sales.Stardom quickly became one of the top joshi puroresu promotions, largely thanks to gravure idol Yuzuki Aikawa becoming the promotion's public face.

Much like JDStar, Stardom also places heavy emphasis on the physical attractiveness of its workers, [4] and publishes several modeling photobooks and calendars of its workers per year. After retiring from professional wrestling on March 29,Fuka began training Yuzuki Aikawaa gravure idol signed to Platinum Productionthe same modeling agency as her, for a career in professional wrestling.

The name Bito was then instead given to one of Fuka's trainees as a ring name. During the summer ofStardom introduced its first two championshipsthe World of Stardom and the Wonder of Stardom Championshipsthe top and secondary titles of the promotion, respectively.

Stardom's third chapter started on August 10,when Yoshiko, one of the promotion's original trainees, defeated Io Shirai for the World of Stardom Championship, ending her fifteen-month reign. Also announced was a contract with American internet streaming site ClickWrestle. On February 22,Stardom's event in Korakuen Hall ended in controversy, when the main event, where Yoshiko defended the World of Stardom Championship against Act Yasukawahad to be ended prematurely.

The match reportedly saw Yoshiko shooting on Yasukawa, legitimately beating her to the point that the match had to be stopped. Following the match, Yasukawa, with a bloody and badly swollen face, was rushed to a Tokyo hospital, [70] [71] where she was diagnosed with fractured cheeknasal and orbital bones, which would require surgery.

Finally, Stardom banned face punches from the promotion with a disqualification taking place on the first offense, announced that a ringside doctor would be assigned for all future events and named Kairi Hojo intermediary between the wrestlers and management in order to bring the two sides closer. Shortly after the incident, multiple Stardom wrestlers were sidelined with injuries, including top veteran wrestlers Nanae Takahashi and Kyoko Kimura, [84] [85] leading to a situation in May, where three of the promotion's five championships had simultaneously been declared vacant.

She had reportedly had a falling out with the promotion's management regarding Yoshiko's punishment following her incident with Yasukawa. On February 17, Stardom announced a new collaboration project with Beginning Actress Girl'Z called "StaArt", which combines professional wrestling with actress and tarento activities.

On October 17,Stardom was purchased by Bushiroad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japan portal. World Wonder Ring Stardom in Japanese. Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved October 1, Archived from the original on June 9, Archived from the original on June 17, Archived from the original on June 8, We Are Stardom. World Wonder Ring Stardom. Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved June 13, Archived from the original on October 15, Sports Navi in Japanese.

November 10, Archived from the original on November 14, Retrieved January 7, My daughter and I and a few friends are off down to Devonport for their comp next week. If you have any concerns about this, please contact Stardom at support stardom.

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stardom wrestling schedule

Gulgong Prince of Wales Eisteddfod. Kempsey Eisteddfod Society Inc. Lake Macquarie Eisteddfod.Approximate time of the show will be PM to PM, merchandise will be on sale after the show until PM, where you will be able to meet your favorite Stardom wrestlers. Add to Calendar.

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stardom wrestling schedule

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stardom wrestling schedule

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Events are social. Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? Yes Recommended Yes Recommended. No, keep my events secret No, keep my events secret.Multiple performers from the Japanese wrestling scene retired or announced their retirement this week. Both Dragon Gate and Stardom are set to lose popular and skilled performers in Later on the same show, faction leader Kagetsu failed to win the World of Stardom Championship from Mayu Iwatani, and her impending retirement was announced soon after.

Kagetsu is twenty-seven years old and has been wrestling sincewhen she dropped out of school to pursue pro wrestling and started training with Meiko Satomura. Her last match will be on January 26, Mayu Iwatani defends the World of Stardom title against her biggest rival, Kagetsu!

Speculation abounds as to why these two retired, especially since Hazuki and Kagetsu are friends and retired in such quick succession.

Yoshino, 39, started his career in Toryumon at the beginning of the century, remained with the promotion after it became Dragon Gate, and has wrestled for the organization for almost twenty years. This is not a sudden decision. The doctors told me that if I reduce my schedule and change my style I would be able to go for a few more years.

But my nickname is Speed Star. You are more than welcome to come and try and retire me early. April 17, by: Brandon Stroud Facebook Twitter. April 17, by: Emily Pratt Twitter. April 16, by: Brandon Stroud Facebook Twitter.

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